Hold Your Position

Happy Sunday folks!! Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend. I’m excited because I have a 3-day weekend! (yay me! Lol), It’s definitely been a looong week for me at work & I’m ready to relax & unwind.

There wasn’t much sun out this morning, I had to work with what was given from mother nature.

I’m so in love with my little shag faux fur jacket that I found on clearance at Macy’s. Hey, I’m all about a good bargain, I’m not a millionaire & not ashamed to say I check the sales racks first when shopping. Everyone is different, find what works for you.

Which is why I titled this “Hold Your Position”, no matter what you’re going through or what your situation may be, stay strong, hold your position. If you’re having finacial problems-don’t show it, wear your best clothes, you going through a breakup- walk around, head up high, smiling, no one needs to know your pain or woes all the time. Hold your position, keep calm, breathe, have faith that everything is & will work out for your best. Never let em see you see sweat & loose ya cool.

It’s okay to hurt, to cry, and vent to others. But sometimes you have to encourage yourself, you have to be bigger than the situation & not let it consume you. For anybody that is going through a rough patch in their life, if you read this I hope it helped or at least encouraged you. Have a wonderful weekend loves. Heads up high, walk with confidence. Hold your position!

Shag Jacket: Guess via Macy’s (clearance)

Skirt: Bar III via Macy’s (clearance)

Shoes: Marc Fisher (old)

Blouse: Forever 21 (Contemporary line)



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