Sorry about the lack of posts. WordPress wouldn’t let me post for some odd reason. But I’m baaaack!! It feels good to post again.

You ever felt uncreative? I’ve been feeling that way for a while now, feeling uninspired & just blah. I read SEVERAL blogs. Several. Lately I feel most of em are looking identical. I’m all about minimalism & ish but damn, some bloggers wear the same 3 colors: black, white, gray. Now don’t get me wrong, I love those colors & love the concept of minimalism but after awhile everybody looking like robots.

Which is why I’ve been having a hard time with inspiration. I’ve been trying other things like looking at male blogs, walking around my boring ass neighborhood (Gosh I miss Logan Square), and people watching at work. Aaahh how I love people watching. But even then that’s not enough. I love my city of Wind but we are not known for fashion unfortunately. I’m glad I made a blogger friend. I was gonna do a sepearte post but since I’m on the subject & I’m wearing the heels in these pictures I might as well tell the story. I hope ya’ll still reading this lol.

So back in January I entered a blog contest on Instagram. I didn’t think I would win because I never do. I was like what the hell, who knows. It was one of my favorite bloggers by the name of Traci, who is the cool as fuck, fashionable, laid back blogger of  She was featured on some fashion page I follow & had this all red outfit on. Her shirt said Cocoa-Cola & she had amazing legs not to mention lol. Anywho, her contest rules were easy: already be a follower, repost the pic & comment what are your NYE resolutions. My resolution was so simple I was already doubting I wouldn’t win.

About few days later she commented on one of my older pictures & told me I won the contest & she loved the simplicity of my resolution. I was soo geeked & honored! Not only did I win but I really dug her blog which made it more genuine. She did a feature about me winning the conest on her blog and I won a $50 Notdstrom giftcard!!! The heels I’m wearing in this post are from Nordstrom Rack (the giftcard can be used at both. How cool right?), they were a staggering $44!!! Damn I love finding a good deal! Since she wrote a small article about me on her page we started out emailing back & forth. It was like I had known her for years. Talking to one of my girlfriends. Well, we had so much in common we exchanged numbers & text on the regular.

You never know who’re inspiring, little did she know, I looked up to her for inspiration & ideas & now we’re long distance friends Lol. Her blog is dope as hell, she’s so creative & I’m the first to always give credit where it’s due, please if you already havent, go check out my bomb ass friend Traci of! Hey girl hey!
Denim blouse: Style & Co (Macy’s, super old)

Shorts: H&M

Heels: Tesori (Notdstrom Rack)

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  1. Traci Smith says:

    Heyyyy boo!! I wasn’t able to leave a comment when I read it the first time, but I love those adorable heels you bought and for the price. The wait was worth it. I am so happy we met and happy that we can both inspire each other amongst the everyday boring looks that we see. We talk everyday and its like I have a long lost sister lol. Everything happens for a reason and tis the season for us to grow and flourish, motivate each other and just have fun! I can’t wait to share this on my inspiration looks this week, one of my favorite looks and you look extremely happy. You holding the ice cream is my fave as well lol #Food XOXO Traci Mari Smith


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