It’s early as fuck right now and I been up since 5:50am. It’s quiet and peaceful in my apartment, which I love. I can have my thoughts to myself and think clearly. All I hear are the birds chirping and the sounds of the city waking up. My room is bright with natural light and … Continue reading Unfiltered


February was FULL of emotions for me. As we are coming to the end of it (thank goodness!) I can honestly say I learned a lot in this month. As usual I had plans to decorate my room for Valentine's day. Something I've never done before, but after seeing countless youtube videos of women showcasing … Continue reading Emotions


Have you ever dated someone and was really into them and start to plan ya'll future? I know, I'm not the only one out here. Soo there was this guy I was dating and everything was going too well. Like girl...it felt too good to be true. I'm telling all my friends about him, gushing … Continue reading Really?