Long Overdue. 

I know, I know, I said I would be more consistent with my posts. Smh. *sigh* I'm really trying ya'll I swear. I'm human geez lol. I hope you enjoy this post. You see that hair sticking up? The wind was so disresptful during this shoot & others one as well. Lol. I was so … Continue reading Long Overdue. 

03.10.15 The White Edition

Hello lovelies. This post was inspired by one of my fave bloggers, her name is Shirley B. Eniang. I'm in love with her style & she also has a youtube channel. When she posted this effortlessly chic look, I had to recteate it. I think I will start recreating some of my fave looks from … Continue reading 03.10.15 The White Edition