Mommy & Daughter Bedtime Routine

How many of you have a bedtime routine? Do you have a 10 step skin care routine that you do? Or maybe you like to meditate before going to bed. However you unwind is totally fine and looks different for everyone. Including my daughter and mine. Before bed we brush our teeth, wash our face, … Continue reading Mommy & Daughter Bedtime Routine


It’s early as fuck right now and I been up since 5:50am. It’s quiet and peaceful in my apartment, which I love. I can have my thoughts to myself and think clearly. All I hear are the birds chirping and the sounds of the city waking up. My room is bright with natural light and … Continue reading Unfiltered


February was FULL of emotions for me. As we are coming to the end of it (thank goodness!) I can honestly say I learned a lot in this month. As usual I had plans to decorate my room for Valentine's day. Something I've never done before, but after seeing countless youtube videos of women showcasing … Continue reading Emotions


Have you ever dated someone and was really into them and start to plan ya'll future? I know, I'm not the only one out here. Soo there was this guy I was dating and everything was going too well. Like felt too good to be true. I'm telling all my friends about him, gushing … Continue reading Really?