It’s early as fuck right now and I been up since 5:50am. It’s quiet and peaceful in my apartment, which I love. I can have my thoughts to myself and think clearly. All I hear are the birds chirping and the sounds of the city waking up.

My room is bright with natural light and Sun peeking through my blinds. I can feel the Sun rays dancing on my face as it rises and becomes brighter.

I open my camera on my phone and start to take selfies lol. It’s something about natural lighting in the morning when the Sun is coming up that I actually enjoy capturing the moment of my skin looking refreshed and youthful first thing in the morning. Also, I think it’s nice when you can take pics of yourself, raw and unedited. Just enjoying yourself in this quietness and setting the tone for your day with a candid picture.

Have you ever just took a pic of yourself when you first wake up? I challenge you to do so and journal about the experience. How it made you feel, etc. Try it. With all that’s going on in the world right now, taking an unfiltered selfie as the Sun rises is such a simple, yet fortifying feeling of hope. You can look back on them and remember that even during this pandemic, the Sun will always rise and greet you in the morning with a kiss.

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