February was FULL of emotions for me. As we are coming to the end of it (thank goodness!) I can honestly say I learned a lot in this month.

As usual I had plans to decorate my room for Valentine’s day. Something I’ve never done before, but after seeing countless youtube videos of women showcasing V-day decor plastered across their room, I thought “Why not?”. I never got around to it, only purchased a heart shaped bowl that is now holding my keys on my kitchen counter. Oops.

Any way, as February moved on I sat down with myself and had a pep talk about how I wasn’t going to let this Valentine day stuff effect me. Why do I care anyway?! I’m a grown ass woman. I didn’t go on any social media, I didn’t expect to get any gifts or even texts from any old flames. And you know what? I had a good day!

Going into the day without any expectations was a lesson learned. I wasn’t in my feels at all & I would even smile when I saw others with flowers, candy, etc walking the streets. I learned that you can’t crop one day out of the year and call it love day. Everyday should be love day. For yourself. For your family, friends, pets. Whoever!

I went to work, had a few laughs with my lovely co-workers, went home and put on a face mask and did some journaling. I went to bed feeling good and at ease.

Now, this past weekend I can honestly say I had fun! I’m a true introvert and enjoy spending quiet nights alone at home when I’m kid free. This weekend was filled with wine, laughter, and friends. We ordered some pizza and wings, watched some reality tv and talked good shit. Lol.

Learning to slow down and take a step back to FOA (Focus on Ash) has been quite refreshing and a lot of work all at once. I say it’s a lot of work because self-care is not easy. Lets be honest, you have to physically put in work to be on this journey. It’s not just about doing face masks and sipping tea. Self-care to me is about healing, being aware, slowing down, knowing what your triggers are, feeling emotions and how to deal with them, self-care is so much more than a pampering day.

It’s about liking what you see when you look in the mirror. Hugging yourself and feeding your mind positive affirmations, instead of waiting to be hugged or told you’re beautiful. Self-care truly begins on the inside. Eating nourishing food that makes your body feel good and healthy, drinking LOTS of water, reading books, writing out your financial goals.

All of that is self-care. And one of my most recent favorite self-care thing to do is simply saying: NO. Saying no is a form of self-care because you’re letting someone know that you will not partake in anything that doesn’t serve your highest good. If it don’t feel right, look right, taste right; I won’t have any parts of it. Protecting your space and mind is self-care.

With that being said, I hope you all are having or had a great February and I wish you an even better March filled with abundance, joy, and endless self-care!

Here are a few pics from my weekend. Enjoy!

You are your best investment.

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