The Tank Dress 


I’m gonna miss Summer sooo much. I get sadder each day. Chicago Winters are no joke. I been wanting to wear this dress for a while now. Today was perfect.

There I go again……..touching my hair. Lol

I was contemplating if I should even post these pics. You know how you see other bloggers look great in stuff & then when you wear it, you look like a knock off version. Yea, I felt like that in this dress. I haven’t worked out in months. *eating fries as I type this*

Looking for my abs.

I also have this dress in gray (my fave color ever). I’m a freak of habit. If I love it that much, I’ll buy multiples.

Dress: Alternative Apparel (got mine for a fab found at Marshalls)

Jacket: Bar III

Shoes: Target (super old)

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