Long Overdue. 

I know, I know, I said I would be more consistent with my posts. Smh. *sigh* I’m really trying ya’ll I swear. I’m human geez lol. I hope you enjoy this post.

You see that hair sticking up? The wind was so disresptful during this shoot & others one as well. Lol. I was so annoyed but what can you do. Mother Nature is just doing her thang, but dang girl! Let me be cute shoot! I still have a left arm btw.

See how I incorporated trying to pat my hair down & still pose? It was hard but I managed. Anywho, would you believe I don’t own any fashion piece with a peplum?! Shocking right. Well, I was helping a close friend of mine pick out what to wear to her class reunion & she said I could have this top.

I was thinking, “Hmmm, I never wore peplum before & getting kinda tired of seeing it. I’ll try it out.” So today as I’m picking out what to wear I come across it & Boom! It added cuteness & flair to my chunky heels (super comfy btw!) and statement necklace. I told her we should shop each other closets more often. I have fashionable friends *hair flip*

Also, lets talk about these jeans real quick. Honey chile, I would be lying if I didn’t say I wore these at least three times a week. No really. These are Seven for All Mankind skinny jeans, it’s labeled Slim Illusion. They make you look slimmer & fit like a glove. I love that they don’t gap at the back & have good stretch to them. Defitnitely great for my curvy girls out there like my self. They have other colors & styles as well, I have them in gray, a black high waist & these. You can find them at Macy’s or whereever premium denim is sold. It’s so worth the money. They’ll last a long time. Trust me. Invest in pieces you will wear often.

Going through my pics I noticed I touch my hair A LOT! My goodness. My friend said it’s my signature pose. I’m sticking to it Lol. I’m usually fluffling it for more volume. The bigger the hair, the closer to Jesus right? Lol. It was just a joke, for my non Jesus readers. If I have any….*shrug* anyway, and these shoes. They are sooo comfy and I got them for a steal during a one day sale at Macy’s. I guess could tell ya’ll aheaded of time about these deals huh? My bad.

The heel looks short in pics, but I’m actually a giant when wearing these. I’m 5’7, and these make me a good 5’11. Heey Khole Kardash! I love her, she’s tall & gorgeous. Well, that’s it for now. Oh, tell me if any of you like to shop your friend’s closet. Peace.

Because I can’t just be a normal blogger.

Peplum Top: Agaci (friend’s closet. Thanks boo.)

Necklace: Walmart (Don’t be knock it til you try it.)

Jeans: Seven for All Mankind (Slim Illusion)

Shoes: Micheal Kors

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