Plaid, Power Puff, and Red

Sometimes I love my hair & sometimes I don’t. I’ve been natural since ’09, I wouldn’t change that for shit, but it doesn’t always cooperate with me. I know I’m not the only girl who feels this way, natural or not. You be wanting your hair to look a certain way & it’s like “Nah boo, today I choose how you look.” lol, its quite annoying.

I normally don’t like my hair in a power puff (that’s what I call it lol). But this one actually came out nice so I left it. I always think of the Power Puff Girls when I wear my hair like this. Do any of you remember that cartoon from Cable? I actually couldn’t stand those little monochromatic wearing things lol. Enough of that, sooo you all know how much I love a GOOD bargain, guess how much this skirt was?! GUESS!!! $5.99! I don’t think I mentioned it before in my other post when I wore it. Yep. Six dollas. (Ghetto girl voice). It’s by the brand Xoxo, for juniors. I didn’t think a medium could fit but once I got it on……chile you couldn’t tell me nothing!! Lol

I got this blouse as a Christmas Gift last year. Just now wearing it. Don’t you love when that happens? Going through your closet, finding stuff with tags?! It gives me a rush lol, it’s like shopping for free clothes. That happens often to me because I have a shopping habit. No really I do. Especially if it is for an awesome price. Passing up good finds is hard & if I don’t buy them it will haunt me. Now passing up designer deals is a big no no, I don’t care if my phone gets cut off (Lies I tell!!!), I’m going to buy it! I have come a long way though. I invest more into quality staple pieces. Before purchasing I ask myself can I make 3 outfits out of this? If not, back on the rack it goes.

Caio peeps!

Blouse: Tommy Hilfiger

Skirt: Xoxo (jrs brand)

Shoes: Nine West

3 thoughts on “Plaid, Power Puff, and Red

  1. Traci Smith says:

    Damn I have been missing shit. You really been updating lol, I have to check now more often. I love the alley pics and this look is a top 3 for me. Did you hear that are revamping power puff girls? I couldn’t really get into the Cartoon Newtork as a kid, I was a Nickelodeon girl lol


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