02.17.15 50 Shades…you know the rest

I been wanting to wear this mettalic shimmery skirt forever!!!! Lol, no really I have. If only it was warmer, it would look even more beautiful in natural sunlight but I was hella anxious Lol

This skirt was originally suppose to be for NYE but there was snow & such so I opted for jeans. I love how a simple tee can go with anything. All I did was knot the end & wa-la..lol

You guys can definitely expect to seeing this skirt making another debut in the Spring.


<img src=”https://stripedanchor.files.wordpress.com/2

I really gotta stop looking down in my pics lol

Top: H&M
Skirt: Forever 21
Chain: H&M
Shoes: Material Girl for Macy’s

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