London Town!

Hi guys! I know I been gone for a while, my apologies. Hope everyone had a great new year! When I first saw this sweater that read “London” I had to have it!! There’s a cute lil story behind why I fell in love with it lol. I follow & read several blogs. I recently discovered a blogger named Shirley B. Eniang & became quite obsessed with her style & then I watched one of her youtube vids & she’s from England!

I love her accent & I think she’s so cool & classy. So with that being said, the sweater reminded me of her 🙂 If she ever reads this I would die!!! Lol. If you guys wanna check her out her blog is , you won’t be disappointed. Til next time loves! Xo







Sweater: Jr label via Macy’s, Skirt: Xoxo, Shoes: Style & Co- Everything from Macy’s

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